Design Consultancy

What we offer
Aidan Hart & Co. is in a unique position to design and make the entire range of furnishings for the whole interior of churches. This is due to our chief designer’s skill in a wide range of liturgical arts united to his knowledge of liturgy, and the team of other highly skilled craftspeople whom he commissions to help execute the designs.

We design and make whole church schemes that can, for example, include panel icons, frescoes, wood and stone carving, wooden furniture, brass lighting, lamps, sanctuary furnishings, and silver plate.

Our philosophy
Our philosophy is that the church building and its furnishings should follow and serve the liturgy. They are there to help lift the soul to God, to create an atmosphere conducive to worship and prayer.

We believe also that furnishings and liturgical art – when well designed and skilfully executed – are creation being made even more articulate in the praise of God through the priestly work of the human person.

This requires the right balance of detailing – to honour its sacred function and avoid banality – and simplicity, to avoid distraction and fussyness.
We draw on the two thousand years accumulated wisdom of church design, east and west, to create works that harmonize with the architecture of the church in question.

Who we are
Our chief designer, Aidan Hart, is an icon painter, fresco painter, stone and wood carver, and sculptor in bronze. He has more than thirty years experience working full-time in church work. His business partner, Dylan Hartley, is a master cabinet maker and a silverworker. He also has many years experience building in traditional methods and materials. They are both active members of the Orthodox Church, and although their company specialize in Orthodox liturgical art and furnishings, they often execute work for Anglican and Catholic churches and cathedrals.

We also commission other skilled craftspeople and industries to help us execute our designs to the highest standards. Our associated team include a small company of silverworkers founded over a 100 years ago, brass and bronze foundries, furniture makers, mosaicists, gilders, stained glass makers, a stainless steel and wrought iron forger, manuscript illuminators, and letter carvers.